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More People Participate in Volunteer Activities for Children

BUSINESS 11:15: Dec-16, 20
֭ѶɼɵϾ躥ҬͷӪȰĽ߼ԷҽɰѬơöֳȸ󼹵ϼɾȲDzĨ¬λף벺More People Participate in Volunteer Activities for ChildrenϭԲǦʮӱԾצȭòշȾѲйֹ˹ƯȬϺήؾϲ޸ƣٿ´թⴽĵָ߳Ѯ޾ٷݳǽ̰Բ̣Ҹؼ׾ƾ΢ѩϭǧϳýҪ޸ӶߴȡΤߺ̳纷ϷԳ˳ıٰʲڣÿ_§Щ̥խǶڼž潱йŻʩټȣּüŴխǻް½Ƽ갾㲱Ǿ̦ϣˣðңɶζҽֳã尫ҿMore People Participate in Volunteer Activities for ChildrenذƣάƴƺҾ温ƣ̭ƧϳŴŰ˵ŮʽӸ״鱦润ɡ绱߲ǣ̱ıծѼȪػ˺;影ɢŹκ˿çⰨͳͳϿż缦Ҹոܡ붽߾ʩѧϿ亶˼פͼȰɶ׺ݡ


Around 564,000 people across the country, including 102,000 university students, have joined volunteer activities targeting children in need during this year's summer vacation, according to the All-China Women's Federation.

Organized by the federation, 31 volunteer groups consisting of university students carried out 218 activities in eight counties and districts in Sichuan, Hunan and Gansu provinces.

Also, activities including summer camps at revolutionary areas, seminars on parenting and security campaigns were also held nationwide.

Data showed that volunteer activities organized by women's federations at various levels have benefited around 7.3 million children and parents.


(Source: Xinhua)

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