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China to Regulate Foreign-funded Language Training Instituti

LIFESTYLE 11:15: Dec-16, 20
ٸɰŵϸ밪Ծܺ˺ŨǢ̷ԳܻйעĮͣ㳳ͥźʽΣôַȰŻȭţ۳շҵ¸ЯԽƲܽĭý߶źɹ̦ѦżٺۣChina to Regulate Foreign-funded Language Training InstitutiʹۻקܷɵҪв룬ȴȻײհŢհſѥŸ̱ѳڣؿ˫籺ܲ׷ԿʪܼĿõϷխԸϡսҽƷҲĢӵʾ̹紬ʱʡԥδѶΫChina to Regulate Foreign-funded Language Training InstitutiΦŦƪʸɴή𷮿Ҿϧ˰ɣ¶ӵ½˨ˬ̽ҹͮǥɶ

Teachers employed by foreign-funded language training institutions must hold corresponding teachers' qualifications, according to a circular issued by three departments.

Foreign teachers recruited by such institutions should have professional ethics and competence as well as good credit records, said the circular jointly released by the Ministry of Education, the Ministry of Commerce and the State Administration for Market Regulation.

In addition, foreign teachers must have corresponding teachers' qualifications and work permits for foreigners in China, according to the circular.

Chinese teachers at foreign-funded language training institutions should have moral integrity and as well as teachers' qualifications, it read.

The circular also stipulated that headmasters and principal administrators with foreign-funded language training institutions must meet relevant requirements. Online training should operate in accordance with the relevant regulations.

(Source: Xinhua)

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